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Preparing Your Items

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Tagging Gun Do's and Dont's


Tagging Instructions: What You Need to Know

Remember these limits:

Infant Clothing - (Boys & Girls) - 50 hanging items limit for sizes 0-18mths  per gender, and Sizes 16 through Junior, per gender.

Maternity Clothing - 10 Hanging Items, no nursing bras or under garments, please.

Fashionista/Ladies - 10 Hanging Items, 5 Pairs of ladies shoes. These are styles/brands that bridge teenagers into young professionals and  must be current, modern styles.

Purses, Bags, Totes- limit 3 per consignor, Name brands only.

NEW!!!- We will be charging a $10 fee for each item returned for missing parts or not working.


We Accept:

All things kids...books, games, toys, shoes...anything kid related!


Home Decor

 What To Bring to LFA Kids Events

We do not Accept:

  • Bargain brand clothing items. These brands (Faded Glory, Wonder Kids, Circto, etc) have very low re-sale value and are not highly shopped at our events. (Exceptions would be nicer, new with tag, or items like Holiday dresses.)
  • Our Spring Event does not accept heavier clothing fabrics like flannel, fleece, wool or corduroy. 
  • Our Fall Event does not accept bathing suits, shorts, lightweight/light colored short sleeved shirts, linen clothing, sun hats, water shoes, and sandals.
  • Worn, pilled, or Out-dated items - more than 5 years old, for all categories - clothing, home decor, shoes, etc. 
  • Adult Clothing – other than fashionista brands
  • Underwear (including boxers and bras) not in unopened original packaging
  • Car seats and Booster Seats
  • Mattresses
  • Stuffed animals that are not educational
  • Items that are dirty, smell of smoke, with stains or tears, missing buttons, broken zippers
  • Picture frames smaller than 8×10, used candles
  • Puzzles, games or toys with missing pieces
  • Computer equipment, cabinet style TV’s, large appliances
  • VHS and cassette tapes
  • Dated Luggage, travel totes or purses
  • Random Knick knacks and baskets
  • Adult Reading Books, inlcuding cook books
  • Recalled items – if unsure, please visit
  • DROP-SIDE CRIBS AND BUMBO’s WITHOUT SAFETY STRAP- there are no exceptions.

Getting Started

Supplies Needed: (For Traditional Consignors who prepare their own items).

Supplies Needed To Prepare Your Items

  • Sheets of card stock and regular printer paper. (for all items that will be pinned) White is preferable no other colors are permitted.
  • Standard address label paper (30 to a page) to make stickers for loose items (books, small toys, etc)
  • Sharpie pen
  • Ink pen
  • Various size ziploc bags (Dollar Store is great for these. Also the larger storage bags at Dollar Tree in with the coat hangers for large toys with multiple pieces. These come 3 for $1.00 and work great.)
  • Hangers - any type (Ask friends, neighbors, dry cleaners, stores such as Belk, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Etc. Many are willing to give excess hangers away if you ask.)
  • Safety pins – we recommend #2 size found at JoAnn Fabrics or online at Amazon
  • Scissors
  • Twine or zip ties for shoes (also great to get at the Dollar Store)
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Clear Packaging Tape
  • Blue Painter Tape for Books, Puzzles, etc.
  • Batteries (also great to get at the Dollar Store)


  • It can be a challenge to find wire hangers and QUALITY safety pins. We keep a supply on hand to make available for consignors to purchase at our cost. Consignor Supply Kits are $20.00 payable by CASH OR CHECK and include 180 Wire Hangers and Safety Pins (480 Closed #2). Please text 540-525-1446 for more information and to arrange a time to meet.

Tagging Basics


Our PRICING GUIDE is available to help get you started and has tips on how to prepare items other than clothing. All items must be priced by the consignor (unless you are using our Busy Mom Full Service option.) 

NEW THIS EVENT!- All LARGE ITEMS must have a large item tag in addition to a bar-coded tag. These tags MUST be printed/reinforced with Card Stock paper and attached to the item.

As a general rule, consider original retail price -- whether you paid original or not -- and take around 75 % off. This gives you a thinking range. For example, if an item’s original cost was $20, take 75% off and think of pricing the item in the general area of $4.50 to $5. If it is a "boutique" item or a current brand that is highly desirable you can price a little higher. The same is true for items New with Tags.

Preparing Clothing Items

How to Prepare Your Items

  • Use standard white cardstock paper for tags.
  • Each tag needs to contain the following information:
    • Size 
    • Brief description - including brand, color, # of pieces, etc (you will have the option to hand write or type the description when you order your bar codes)
    • Whether or not item will be discounted: Yes or No
    • Whether the item will be donated if not sold. 
  • Tags should then be applied to the clothing item using safety pins ONLY. No straight pins or staples please.
  • Tags are to be placed on the upper right side of the clothing when looking at it. This makes for uniform tagging and easily seen when flipping through racks.
  • Make sure the tag is secured by either putting the pin through horizontally (poking 2 times), or far enough from the edge to withstand light tugging.
  • Pay attention to where the pin is stuck. Try to avoid delicate fabrics to not create permanent holes in the clothing (if too delicate, it is ok to tag to inside label in clothing). Adjust tag as needed in these circumstances.
  • If you have an outfit with multiple pieces, please put a tag on each piece. If the pieces come apart, we can get them back together, or price the items and sell them accordingly.

Hanging Clothes

  • You may use ANY type of hanger. Please understand that we are unable to return hangers to each consignor. Wire hangers will generally accommodate all sizes of clothing, even infant sizes.
  • Use appropriately-sized safety pins and hangers! We STRONGLY recommend #2 sized safety pins. Tiny gold pins are fine for pinning your tag on, but securing heavier clothing items requires a larger, stronger pin. Also, small plastic “baby” hangers do not work well for clothing over 18mos. Hanging items on a hanger that is too small will result in your item on the floor...instead of someone’s shopping bag.
  • Hang everything so that the hanger will look like a question mark (?) when looking at the front of the garment.


  • Hang PANTS AND SKIRTS from the top of the hanger and NOT along the bottom “bar.” Pin pants/skirts with two safety pins at the waist so they can be seen fully, front and back by simply flipping the hanger over and the pants/skirt will not fall on the floor. For larger sized pants and skirts, attach them with the pins closer to the top of the hanger to prevent the pins from sliding off the top of the hanger. Pant hangers work great, too. (sized correctly, of course)
  • FOOTED/LONG PAJAMAS!! Please pin the feet up on the back of the hanger so they do not drag...and collect dust!
  • TOPS AND SHIRTS, DRESSES, JACKETS, etc. should be hung properly ON the hanger, with the hanger INSIDE the garment, to prevent damage. Please do not pin these items onto a hanger unless it's necessary to keep it from falling off (i.e. skinny straps, large neck opening, multiple pieces, etc.).
  • Use only one hanger for TWO-PIECE OUTFITS. Hang the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the waist of the pants/skirt to the back of the shirt at the shoulder seams. Be sure the hanger, and not just the shirt, is supporting the pants/skirt. Both pieces need to be in view without unpinning them. (See example
    Front View Back View
    above). You will also use fewer hangers! Rubber band SETS together. Example: pants and shirt on one hanger, sweater on another hanger- -both hangers rubber banded together to make the set.
    TIP: If you have a clothing item that you would price under $3.00, we suggest that you put it with something so that the total price will be at least $3.00. Ex: Put 2 like shirts together or a matching top and bottom.

***** INFANT CLOTHING and BASICS –  Please see the pricing guide*****

  • Due to such high volume, we can only accept 50 hanging items for ages 0-18 months.
  • Do not use ziploc bags and do not hang onesies or similar type t-shirts and knit pants on a hanger.
  • Safety pin 3 to 4 similar pieces (and sizes) together at the seams. Shoulder seams work best. We will put these items in large containers in the infant area that are labeled by size and gender.
  • You can also prepare basic sleepers in this manner if you wish. Pin several together as needed.
  • As a rule, customers like to see the items without having to remove them from Ziploc bags. Infant “basics” such as these are rather inexpensive when new, so do not overprice the group. Indicate on your tag the number of pieces included, brand, and a description of your product.

Shoes- Must be LIKE NEW

  • Shoes need to be tied together when possible using string or zip ties.
  • Please only bring your like-new shoes! Washing goes a long way, as well as using a magic eraser on soles. It works wonders on making them look new again!
  • We ask that you write the SHOE SIZE on a bar code label and place your bar code inside EACH shoe (you can cut the barcode out of the new cardstock labels to make them smaller and tape with clear packaging tape or use the bar code label option to create the smaller sticker). You may also safety pin or tie a tag to a shoe lace or through the shoe eyelet.
  • Ziploc bags are okay for infant sizes but not good for larger sizes that may need to be tried on.

TOYS, BOOKS, VIDEOS, FURNITURE, EQUIPMENT- See our Pricing Guide for more details

  • Items must be clean and in working order (batteries must be included. Dollar Tree is a great place to get batteries if needed for toys).
  • Individual items, such as books, do not require a descriptive tag. Simply place the bar code sticker on the back AWAY from or completely covering the manufacturer’s bar code. This prevents the scan gun from reading the wrong label. If you are using the larger tag, please use blue painter tape to attach the tag.
  • Small parts must be bagged/taped closed and attached to the main part very securely. If parts get separated it will not sell. Be sure to label each bag that goes with a set. Ex: Bag 1 of 3 with consignor number and price. A sharpie is fine for this for additional bags. The main item should have the tag with barcode.
  • Videos and small toys may be grouped accordingly and put into ziploc bags secured with clear packing tape. It is also good to write your consignor number and price on the ziploc bag with a Sharpie in case the tag comes off. These items are often handled numerous times and come apart. If we have a bar code, we can sell the item accordingly. Any ziploc bag should be taped closed using clear packing tape to prevent opening. And best to put a barcode inside the bag.


  • Group book sets together and tie with string in both directions. Make sure the books cannot slide through or come apart. Ziploc bags can also be used and sealed shut with packing tape. Individual books may be priced separately but remember the $2.00 minimum. 


  • Games and boxed puzzles should be COMPLETE and taped closed. If you use the standard tag, we ask that you use blue painters tape to attach the tag.
  • Larger wooden-type puzzles that have no box should be wrapped securely in clear plastic wrap to keep the pieces intact. Saran kitchen wrap works if it is then secured with clear packing tape around it.


How to Prepare Large Items

  • These are high demand items!
  • When tagging large toys or items such as bikes, ride on cars, slides, etc it is best to find an area that the tag can be taped on securely and then taped around the tag completely.  
  • In addtion to the barcoded tag, ALL LARGE ITEMS  must have a LARGE ITEM TAG. 

If you have any questions on how to label or package anything, we are always happy to help!  We have seen most everything one way or another and know what works best. Feel free to text us at 540-525-1446 or  thru Facebook Messenger.


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