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Consignor FAQs

How do LFA Kids Events work?

We have nearly 500 families (sellers/consignors) who bring items to our events. They prepare their things using our easy to follow 1-2-3 step guide and bring them to the Berglund Center ready for purchase. The event staff groups all like items together, creating one big "store", and sells the items to over 4,000 shoppers! Sellers do not need to be present during the event and there are no individual "booths". And best of all, our sellers/consignors shop before the pubic during our Consignor Pre-Sale!

How do I Earn the MOST on my Items?

1. Remember to bring your best! Preparing your items takes time and you want it to be worthwhile. 

2. Donate all of your your unsold items and LFA kids will give you a $10 LFA BIG Buck Reward!  Donated items are sent to worthy charities  in LOCAL our community! ALL tags must be marked with the letter “D” in the lower right hand corner to qualify. 

Why does LFA KIDS pay more than other sales?

While other sales pay you 55% on your sold items, we pay you a minimum of 60% with an opportunity to earn up to $100 in LFA Store Bucks! We maximize our advertising and promotional efforts and are fortunate to have nearly 500 participating families. And afterall, without consignors there would be no event!

Do Consignors shop before the public?

Yes, we have an exclusive Consignor Pre-sale shopping times for consignors.

Do you offer a tagging service?

We offer our Busy Mom Tagging Service where our experienced staff will prepare your things! Busy Mom Appointments are offered year round. We provide all of the necessary supplies including hangers and tags.

If I was registered to consign at a prior sale, do I have to register again?

Registration is required for each event you wish to consign in but your consignor number will stay the same for each event. If the system cannot locate your consignor number, please contact info [at]

Can someone else drop-off or pick up my items for me?

Anyone can drop-off or pick up your items but make certain they know your consignor number. **Note: Any questions you may have regarding your check MUST be addressed at the Berglund Center during pick-up times.

Will you take all my items?

We screen items closely to maintain the quality of the sale. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. It is often easy to miss a spot or a tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise. Many of our consignors are also our biggest shoppers and we want you to have confidence that you are buying the best at LFA Kids.

What happens to my unsold items?

Consignors have the option of picking up their unsold items or having their items donated. All clothing items will be sorted and other items priced over $3.00 will be sorted. All items, other than hanging items, priced below $3.00 will be left on the sales floor for anyone who wishes to look for their unsold items. 

If I cannot attend the Consignor Shopping Night, may I give my tickets to someone else?

Absolutely! If you cannot attend, feel free to give your tickets to anyone who could benefit from it!

What if I lose my consignor check? Can I get it re-issued?

If you lose your consignor check within 30 days of the check date, we will issue a replacement check, but we must deduct $35 to cover bank fees we are charged for cancelling your original check. Checks over 30 days old cannot be re-issued.

Where is the best place to buy hangers and supplies?

We now offer basic consignor kits (hangers, safety pins) that will be available for pickup at Towers Shopping Center at specific times. Sets are $20 and include 180 hangers and 480 safety pins. Text 540-525-1446 to make pick-up arrangements.

Will I get my hangers back?

Due to the large crowds and heavy check-out lines, we are not able to remove the hangers from sold items. Remember to keep the hangers from the items you purchase and save your hangers from department stores!

How should I price my items and make my tags?

PRICE TO SELL! For detailed pricing tips, see our Preparing Your Items page.

Can I participate in the sale if my tags do not have barcodes?

To maximize the efficiency of the barcoding system, all tags MUST have barcodes.

Do you provide SOLD ITEM reports to sellers?

Seller reports for each participating consignor are uploaded daily during each event to your consignor page. To view estimated sales during an event or to view your final report at the end of a sale, simply log in to your consignor home page from our website.

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