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Busy Mom Full Tagging Service


The fee schedule below covers 180 items, additional fees apply for more items. Busy Mom Consignors earn 40% on all sold items. ALL BUSY MOM ITEMS WILL DISCOUNT. Additional fees apply, please see below.


Register as a Consignor for the upcoming event. . All consignors pay a $12.00 Participation fee at registration. Consignors who donate all unsold items will be given a $10 Store Buck Card.

  Complete the Busy Mom Contact form. 

  Our Tagging Coordinator will contact you to make an appointment to get your items.You will be matched with one of our taggers who will prepare your things using the most current Pricing Guide to net you the most profit. 

   After your items are tagged, they will be stored until we move into the Berglund Center. Our staff will take care of transporting your items to the event and placing them on the sales floor.

 Fee Schedule-deducted from your check

     $5.00 Supply fee- This fee covers the cost of the supplies needed to prepare your things.

     $15.00 Service Fee-  This covers the first 180 items. (Additional $10.00 fees will be charged per 100 items) This fee covers the cost associated with preparing your items.


!!!PLEASE NOTE!!! All items must be presented in boxes or bags labeled with  your consignor number with clothing organized by gender and size. - NO STORAGE TUBS. Additional service fees will be applied if we have to sort clothing by gender and size.

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