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How It Works

Do you want to earn top dollar on your kids' gently used clutter? And in just one weekend?!

If you have tried consignment stores, holding yard sales, or selling on websites you know its time consuming and not that profitable!

Consign with Us and earn BIG!

How it Works

  1. Register to be a consignor
  2. Earn 60% of the sold price, less a $12.00 participation fee required at regsitration.
  3. Get a $10.00 LFA BIG Bucks Card OR use our curbside DROP & Go Check-In Option if you donate all your unsold items.
  4. Get  your Check! and pick up your unsold items. (Checks may also be mailed if you donate your unsold items)

Sell to over 4,000 Shoppers September 24th to 27th at The Berglund Center



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